Maine Medical Cannabis FAQs

  • Who can buy medical cannbis?

    Only medical patients can buy medical marijuana in Maine. Individuals who have received a patient certification from a medical professional may legally access medical marijuana from a registered caregiver or dispensary. Cards are available to Maine residents only.

    Patients visiting Maine from another state may be able to purchase medical marijuana from a registered caregiver or dispensary if they have valid patient identification credentials (like a registry or patient identification card) and their state of residence allows them to use their state-issued credential to purchase medical marijuana in Maine.

    See: 22 M.R.S. §2423-A, Id. §2423-C, Id. §2425-A; Maine Medical Use Marijuana Program

  • Where can I get a patient identification card?

    The process is easy. You must have a qualifying condition that has been diagnosed by a medical care provider. If you do not have access to a medical care provider, you can find one here

  • I am a current certified medical use patient. Do I need to renew my certification yearly?

    Yes. If you are currently using medical cannabis, you must renew your certification to continue to legally buy medical cannabis. Medical caregivers and dispensaries will only permit sales to properly certified patients.

  • How do I know what kind of cannabis is right for me?

    Great question! Cannabis isn't one-size-fits-all. Different strains, dosages and product formats may have varying effects on each individual. At Easy Going, we personalize recommendations for each patient based on your history with cannabis and your current goals. Our associates work with you to help you tweak your selections until you find what works best for you.